Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Scoliosis - the early days

Our doctor's appointment today was not what we hoped for, but what we slightly expected from watching the change in A's back over the past few months.

Her curve has progressed an additional 6 degrees, and Dr. Shilt says that it is a good indication that it will only continue to worsen. The plan now is to come back on three months (May 5) and do another set of x-rays to see where we are at. If all goes as he anticipates (based on what the last three months showed) we will be doing another CT scan after that, and then schedule the surgery. His desire is that she get older and bigger so he can use hardware (rods) to stabilize what he does in surgery, so we are really just trying to buy her some time.

Her rotation of the spine has really begun to worsen, which is a concern because of the stress that it can put on the lungs. He said that more than likely we are looking at a summer-time surgery. I'd love to push it to the fall, but we'll see what God has in mind.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

We took A back to see her specialist this afternoon at Baptist Hospital.

For a brief recap, this whole roller coaster ride started last May with a diagnosis of congenital scoliosis. At that time, A's curve measured at somewhere between 50-55 degrees. In November, we saw our current doctor and he wanted to monitor her progress before doing surgery. We saw him again in February, and her curve progressed 5-6 degrees in those 3 months. At that point he felt that her curve would continue to progress, and that when we returned today, we would be starting the process of surgery.

My prayer has been that we would go in, and that the curve would have not progressed, and he would let us come back at the end of summer. Isn't it funny how God wants so much more than what we pray for?

A's curve has remained the same, and he continues to only see approximately a 5-6 degree change since November. He said that he would like to see her back in ONE YEAR to check her progress. L and I both had to ask him to clarify that, which he did.

Now he did say that if we were to notice a significant difference in her back, then by all means, we should call and bring her in earlier. He really does want to try and buy her as much time as he can before he has to do such a serious and permanent operation.

So that is where we stand. Very humble and grateful to our God for answering our prayers 4 times over what we had asked.