Thursday, May 26, 2005

Scoliosis - the early days

We did go to Chapel Hill yesterday for the MRI and renal ultrasound. Everything went great.

She was given an oral medication that put her to sleep and they did not have to give her an IV. The MRI only took about 45 minutes to do the length of her spine. They allowed L and I to be in the "vault" with her which surprised me. It took her about 2 hours to wake up from start to finish.

The "sleepy" medicine did make her seem drunk, and she had no control over her motor skills for several hours. That did make her mad because she really wanted to get down and play but she would just fall over.

The renal ultrasound showed that she does have two kidneys, but other than that I don't know what I was looking at on the screen.

We are scheduled to go back to the ortho specialist on Thursday, June 2 to learn what the tests showed.

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