Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Welcome to the Funny Farm!

Welcome to the Funny Farm! This blog will be my attempt to chronicle the events in our family, which more often than not, are funny. We are a family of 6 - L is the dad, serves as a Minister of Education in a Southern Baptist Church. T is the mom (that's me), serves as wife, mother, teacher, friend, zookeeper, referee, chauffeur, nurse, etc. etc. (you get the picture). C is son #1 - 12 yrs. old today. Loves sports statistics, singing, acting, eating. G is son #2 - 10 yrs. old. Loves life, performing, hanging with people. N is son #3 - 8 yrs. old. Loves basketball, hanging with G and A. A is the only daughter - 4 yrs. old. Loves pink. Really, really loves pink. Also loves basketball and hanging with her brothers.

Our family also consists of 3 animals - a turtle named Pistachio ("Am I not turtley enough, for the turtle club" - Master of Disquise) a hamster named Peanut and a puppy named Madi. Madi is the newest addition to our home, living here only for 1 week. She is 4 months old and is a Chorkie. 1/2 chihuahua and 1/2 Yorkie. Oh my, she's cute. Really, really cute.

I hope you enjoy your visits to the Funny Farm!

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