Friday, March 20, 2009

Buma the Cow

Have any of your children ever had a stuffed animal that became part of your family? I’m sure most parents could answer yes.

Our family is no different. We have Buma. Buma the Cow. (Pronounced Bumma – long story on the spelling of his name.)

Buma became part of our family on our first family mission trip to Cleveland. Our church collected stuffed animals to give to the campers (we held an Upward sports camp) and my youngest son was a camper. So he got to pick a stuffed animal. And he picked a cow.

I’m not sure when or how, but Buma has become an integral part of our family. He goes everywhere with us. He has his own blog. (An in-progress blog, but a blog, nonetheless.) He also has his own group on Facebook. It’s called “Friends of Buma the Cow”.

One of our favorite pastimes is taking Buma and have his picture made different places. He has been to Carowinds and had his picture made with Blue from Blues Clues and Diego. He’s visited Washington, DC and Disney World. He had his picture made with a lot of the characters at DW and had a song composed for him by one of our favorites, Gi-Tar Dan at Animal Kingdom. Most recently he went to see the Charlotte Bobcats play and went to Myrtle Beach for some relaxation!

We’re looking to many adventures this spring with Buma the Cow. Stay tuned.

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