Sunday, May 4, 2008

2007 - Year in Review - July cont.

July also gave us a treat that we had not partaken of before. COW APPRECIATION DAY at Chick-Fil-A. If you dress up as a cow and go to Chick-Fil-A, you could get a free combo meal. I love to feed my people free.

Since we don't do Halloween, this was another opportunity to let the kids dress up. Since I am extremely cheap, I thought I'd dress up as well. My husband was working late, so we decided to go for dinner. Some white shirts, black felt spots and paper cow masks were our costumes. All 5 of us. Our local CFA was having a kids festival of sorts, added to that fact, it was Friday night, and the place was slammed. I mean tons of people. And not a single one of them looked like a cow.

No one looked like a cow, except for us. The absolutely crazy homeschool family who likes free food. Of course, the kids think it's great and we all go up to the counter and moo for our food. I'm thinking it's not too bad, because even though it's only about 10 minutes from our house, it's the opposite direction (and one county over) from church, so surely we won't see anyone.

No one but our NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS. They saw me dressed as a cow. Lovely.

And if we are in town for the next Cow Appreciation Day, you can bet we are going to get out our cow shirts and head back to CFA for some free food.

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