Monday, November 3, 2008

Round Three goes to my girl!

I have noticed that people are beginning to arrive at this blog via google when they search under scoliosis. I am so thrilled by that because I want to be able to let other's know about our journey with scoliosis, particularly congenital scoliosis. My daughter was diagnosed when she was around 20 months old and we (well the doctors) installed a VEPTR to help stabilize her curve, in January, 2008. We had our first expansion/reattachment surgery in July, 2008 and the following happened this week.

My girl had another surgery on today. It started around 9ish this morning (yes, we still got there at 6:00 a.m. – I’m thinking they ought to have call ahead seating like the restaurants do) and we were leaving the parking deck about 2.5 hours later. This is definitely more like it.

All went well. The doctor was able to extend her device by 1cm like he had planned, and he did not feel like the rib was being compromised while doing so. She seemed to recover well initially, so we were allowed to leave straight from the recovery room and not have to hang around. I was really surprised with that process.

The “plan” is to have another expansion in April, which will give us 5 months of growth. If that works well, he’d like to get us on a five month plan instead of six. That will also get us through the summer without having to be in the hospital. That would definitely be a good thing.


Paula Constable said...

I glad to hear the surgery went well. She must be pretty brave! And, pretty cute, too. It is nice that you are able to write about your daughter and help other mothers out there, too.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I am SO thrilled to hear the surgery went well. Answered prayer!
And HT were shopped at in Kernersville or Burlington...hee hee. I did go to another one today, and although they did have the sausage on sale and the catalina, there was no BOGO...oh well. $1.50 sausage isn't bad. :)