Sunday, April 27, 2008

2007 - Year in Review - March

March Madness. Words that ACC fans love to hear. We live in the heart of ACC country. I could travel 45 minutes west, and be on the campus of Wake Forest University. I could travel 45 minutes east, and be on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (On my way to Chapel Hill, I will pass by Duke University, but I refuse to acknowledge that.

In our house, we love the Carolina Tarheels. I mean, we LOVE the Tarheels. And when you LOVE the Tarheels, you don't love Duke. At all.

We always have March Madness night at our Awana club, and in 2007 we went all out for our costume. We don't celebrate Halloween, so my kids very rarely get to dress up. I decided to put forth some effort and the above pic is what happened.

The boys had a great time, and C & G won prizes for their grades. N decided he didn't want to wear his "wig" so he wasn't the grand prize winner for 1st grade. He learned that Mama knows best and he chose to go all out in 2008 so he could win a prize.

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