Monday, April 21, 2008

My Girl!

A is such a special girl. One day I will post her journey on this site, but I have documented most of it on her CaringBridge site.

The nutshell version: A was born on September 11, 2003. In May, 2005 we learned that she had been born with congenital scoliosis. (Not the preteen adolesence scoliosis, but the "my spine looks like a puzzle" scoliosis.)

Many times when describing her condition to people, I say this: Basically, there is an area of her spine that did not form properly. She has two triangle shaped vertabrae, and three that are one big glob. Not very technical, or even medical terms, but it gets the point across. The x-rays early on did remind me of a bunch of puzzle pieces.

After a long journey along the way, A had surgery on January 8th to install a VEPTR. You can read about the device here:
You know, when I read other blogs about families who are dealing with cancer, and so many other issues with their children, I am praising God for scoliosis. I hate it for my girl, but wow, couldn't it be soooo much worse.
In November, 2007, A said this:
"Mommy, when God made me, He didn't have any straight pieces left, so he just used curvy pieces."
Thank you God for curvy pieces.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet! It sounds like she has already taken quite a journey in her short life!

Thank you SO MUCH for the sand idea you left on my blog. My daughter loves playing in sand. This idea is PERFECT for her. THANKS!